Planning For The Future

July 27th – 28th 2023 saw the PNG Society for Rural and Remote Health executives convene for a strategic planning meeting.  As this executive’s term comes to an end this September, they had identified the need for a distinct vision and clear road map to guide future executives to achieve that vision.

L-R: Dr Imelda Assaigo (Society Officer), Dr David Mills (Founder), Dr Spencer Kimsen (Secretary), Dr Varghese Philip (Facilitator), Dr Camy Thomas (Treasurer), Dr Hogande Kiafuli (President)

The Society was created in 2009 and for the next 10 years the same president, founder Dr David Mills, was re-elected every 2 years.  This provided for continuity, stability, and growth.  However, since 2019 the executive leadership has changed twice.  

The Society has also grown greater than an annual continuing medical education conference for its members, the need for this road map became inherently obvious.  Each executive term is only 2 years which created hurdles in starting a project and not necessarily see its completion. 

The PNG Society for Rural and Remote Health has over the past 14 years established itself as a professional society and has seen the need to expand our work more dynamically in other areas as mandated through our constitution.

Looking towards the future we hope to further develop our advocacy and awareness arms to boldly drive for quality health service in rural areas and spotlight rural health issues at local and national levels, to the public and the government.  We want to continue to nurture our members through providing continuing learning and improvement conferences or platforms, and creating arenas of community, encouragement, and support.  

To achieve all this a plan was needed and is now here!