Rural Hospitals

In PNG’s health system, each of the 88 districts outside the National Capital should have their own district hospital. District hospitals are sometimes known as “Rural Hospitals”.

PNG Society of Rural and Remote Health plays an important role advocating for these hospitals where they exist. Some are of superb standards, some are very run down and unfortunately some don’t function at all. One thing they all have in common though – they all continue to need help. Not all of them have their own websites, but here are the links to those facilities that do.

If you are connected with a rural hospital and you want to post information about it on this site, please let us know. The more we can raise awareness about our rural hospitals, the better its going to be in the long run for our people.


Rumginae Hospital in the North Fly district of Western Province is around 30 minutes drive up the Tabubil road from Kiunga. Servicing much of the remote parts of upper Western Province, it also has the region’s main MAF base as well as its only CHW training facility.

A visit to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is quite an eye opener for those that thought that all rural health services were run down relics of the past. 45 minutes drive along the Highlands Highway from Mt Hagen, this very modern 150 bed hospital is also home to one of the highlands best nursing schools. Check out their new website at

Kompiam Hospital in Enga Province is run by the Baptist Union of PNG (also administering Tinsley Hospital in WHP and Telefomin Hospital in Sandaun – Kompiam has a major interest in student training, both PNG and overseas and is currently developing one of its remote health centres as a base for PNG 5th year undergraduate rural training.

St Joseph’s Mingende Rural Hospital is in Simbu Province. Having a capacity of 78 beds, it is 4okm east of Kundiawa town. It has in recent years been attracting PNG students doing their rural residency blocks. With excellent facilities, it has been increasingly regarded for it’s training role. Contact Dr. Gabriel Yohang (Medical Superintendent) at

Gutnius Lutheran Health Services run the Immanuel Rural Hospital at Mambisanda. Just out of Wapenamanda in Enga Province, this is another large and well equipped rural hospital. Currently staffed by two doctors, enquiries for students, doctors or volunteers can be made through Dr. Raymond Saulep at

St Mary’s Rural Hospital Vunapope is probably the largest non government run hospital in the country. Set on the beautiful shores of Kokopo, East New Britain, this hospital is currently seeking doctors and is open to volunteers and students. Medical Superintendent there is Dr. Felix Diaku at